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A Day In My Life & 5 Minute Make-Up!

Enterprise, Alabama. Mandy and I had to stop at the Boll Weevil monument after the conference!

Enterprise, Alabama. Mandy and I had to stop at the Boll Weevil monument after the conference!

Hey Friends,

I had a busy weekend traveling to Enterprise, Alabama on Friday to speak at the Fresh Grounded Faith Conference with Jennifer Rothschild- who is SO inspiring! I met up with my girl Mandy Young who is my “people” on the road. She rocks and I wouldn’t ever want to do it without her. She always brightens my day, makes me smile even if I don’t feel like it and takes care of me and all my merchandise at the conferences. If you don’t know Mandy yet, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to her in my book “Reshaping It All.” And once you do know her, don’t try to steal her from me!

I asked you on Twitter what you’d like me to post about. I got so many interesting responses that I’m jotting them all down for future posts! But tonight, I thought I’d share what a day in my life looks like-since you asked. Because I have a lot on my plate and my hands are in multiple projects, every day is different for me. My life is basically a juggling act. I typically look at my schedule on a week to week basis , then prioritize what must be done day to day, what should/could be done, and what free time I have for the fun stuff.

My life has been on overdrive since January when I filmed a GMC movie called Finding Normal in Louisiana. In February I was in front of my computer finishing the manuscript for my next book (released in January 2014) and now the first two weekends of March I’m the keynote speaker at women’s conferences. I’ll be speaking in Bloomington, IL at the Hearts At Home Conference this weekend March 15-16! There are still tickets available, so if you’re relatively close, JOIN US!! I’m gonna share my testimony as well as my mom secrets!! And oh, they’re GOOD!

But today, was for bills. Yup, pretty boring, right? I gotta admit, they were piled up since I couldn’t seem to focus on anything more than writing my book for the last month. And finally, today, I paid the bills, adjusted insurance policies, canceled an auto-ship product I don’t seem to be using anymore and gathered all our tax info for our CPA. It took me the whole morning to do it- from 9am until 1pm. I did manage to get in a quick 2 mile run with my daughter Natasha at 6am before I took her to school. Val and the boys were out of the house at 5am to hit a super early morning hockey skate. And I promise you… the boys BEG us for those early morning skates- something neither Val nor I want to get up for, especially since they go back to the rink at 5pm for 2 hours after school.

I was supposed to hit the post office, but my BF Dilini called me on my way there and asked me to bring her some juice and soup since she ended up home with the flu. I was so happy to run to Whole Foods for her instead of standing in a long USPS line. I dropped off her get-well groceries and proceeded to talk her ear off for an hour- venting. She was in perfect condition to listen. 🙂

Emotionally, I’m a little outta whack these days. I managed a good cry on the way home (ugh, hormones), picked up Natasha from school, then got on the phone seconds later for a 30 minute conference call for Karen Ehman’s latest book Let.It.Go. and answered questions with over 9000 women listening!

Val picked up the boys from their school and headed straight to hockey. On Monday nights they grab dinner after practice, usually Baja Fresh or Chipotle, since they’re done around 7:30. I grabbed two spicy tuna bowls for Natasha and me while I was at Whole Food earlier in the day. Once the boys got home, I helped Maks with his homework and around 9:30, every one headed to bed. I always stay up alone and watch my DVR’d shows- Parenthood, Scandal, Smash, Downton Abby, or any movies that look good on Netflix. I love my quiet time in front the of the t.v., reading a book or on the computer.

I’m guessing my day isn’t much different than yours? Tell me, I wanna know! Until next time….. I promise, I won’t blog on bill days. How BORING!!!!!

P.S. This Twitter question is from @Chickweets :@CandaceCbure Your top five must-have makeup products maybe?

5 Minute Make Up

I couldn’t narrow it down to 5. I’m giving you my basic rundown of a mom morning on my face…. meaning, not red carpet!

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70

2. Aveeno Positively Ageless correcting tinted moisturizer, sheer tint

3. Milani eyebrow pencil in Natural Taupe

4. RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara in black

5. Make Up For Ever lift Concealer in 2

6. Make Up For Ever HD microfinish powder

7. Nars blush in Torrid, Orgasm or Desire

8. Maybelline Great Lash in clear- for my brows

9. Lip gloss- I can’t narrow that down cause I have TONS and ALL brands! Vaseline works too 🙂