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Family Easter

Easter- my favorite time of remembrance each year. We had a fantastic morning at the farmer’s market for breakfast. My usual is a hot tiger chai latte and splitting an egg white and prosciutto sandwich with Natasha. Val and the boys usually have either an omelette or savory crepes with ham, mushrooms and egg. After breakfast, we picked up small potatoes for roasting with fresh herbs to bring to our family Easter dinner.


Our church service was wonderful as usual, hearing the gospel message in it’s truest form. I don’t think I cried nearly as much as I did on Good Friday’s service, which was good for my make-up! We headed back home to cook the potatoes and prepare a platter of cheeses Val had shipped from North Carolina. They were delicious!

My sister Melissa hosted Easter this year. Growing up, it was always at my grandma’s house, my dad’s mom. But as she got older, my mom took over Easter. Since my parents just sold their home of 36 years (boo) and moved to a much smaller home, it’s now up to us kids. So we’ve decided to rotate each year. Joining the Bure brood was Melissa, her husband Jason and their 4 kids, Kate, Ryan, Molly and Emma, my parents, my BF Dilini and my brother Kirk and his 6 kids!



We had a blast hiding about 100 eggs in the yard. Most of them were filled with candy but 3 of them had 1 dollar bills, 1 had a 5 dollar bill and 1 had a 20 dollar bill. Last year, all the big kids didn’t bother with the small easy eggs, they were on the hunt for the $20. And guess who found it? 6 year old Kate! This year the golden egg, hidden high in an orange tree, looking just like one … ended up falling on the ground before the hunt started. So, one of the kids picked it up unassumingly because it was just laying there in plain site, thinking nothing of it. It was Olivia, one of Kirk’s daughters that got the big prize money! She was pretty excited.

After our hunt, we ate roasted lamb, roasted potatoes and spinach salad along with deviled eggs and a variety of super delicious cheeses. For dessert, my sister surprised me with the BEST carrot cake (I’m a connoisseur) from Susie Cakes. I kid you not, I probably ate 3 pieces by continually digging into the cake with my fork over and over again after my first slice was gone! It was SO worth it.



I was sad to say goodbye to my family since the following day I left for Vancouver. But at the same time, super excited to start working on my latest Hallmark movie called “Let It Snow”. More on that in my next blog!

I hope your Easter was a fabulous with as ours, spending time with family and friends, rejoicing in our Lord Jesus Christ, who’s death and resurrection justifies us before our Holy God. Much love and peace to you all! For more on Good Friday and what Easter means to me, please read my previous blog post!

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