Practically Speaking

Fashion Friday

A new movie always means new hair for me. OK, let’s face it. My hair doesn’t change that much. Yeah, I’ve tried just about every shade of blonde, been light brown, chocolate and even strawberry in my younger days. But in the last 10 years, I’ve typically stayed golden blonde. I discovered I like my color more natural and went back to my roots last month, which are dirty blonde. I’m digging my ombre hair color; darker roots (which is my natural shade) that gradually get blonder at the ends.

I’ve also been parting my hair with a side swept bang for the last few years. Mostly because it’s a good way of hiding those wrinkles without Botox! I know, you’re gonna say, “Candace! You don’t have any wrinkles!” Um, yeah, I do, which is totally fine. I should have them! But when I watch myself on film, I make the craziest faces because I can contort my forehead in un-human ways which I have no control over. LOL. So… a bang is more about hiding my scrunchy forehead than covering wrinkles. Straight bangs don’t look great on me, so a side part has been a good alternative to ease the lines. Nevertheless, I decided to cut a center part and expose my forehead in my next Hallmark movie which I’ll start filming in one week! Whoo Hoo!


I’m also posting what I wear on a typical day. This outfit served me for a casual lunch meeting and mom duties the rest of the day. I would consider this my “uniform.” Cute jeans (I like changing it up and not just wearing denim), a great fitted t-shirt or tank and a cute pair of walkable shoes. If you don’t know already, I’m a shoe fanatic. I can wear the highest of heels and do, but not when I’m in mom mode. I need something cute that I can walk in and won’t wobble when I’m running errands. Don’t ask me how some celebs push a stroller in Louboutins!  A half boot with a thick 2 inch heel is perfect, giving this 5’2″ girl a lift, but not high enough that I couldn’t run in them if I needed to. Oh, and I have!








When my kids were younger, as much as I wanted to “get dressed,” I felt like it wasn’t worth it.  I would run around in comfy sweats and flip flops and leave my fashion sense in the closet. But I realized that no matter what I’m doing, it makes me feel like “me” when I put some effort into what I look like. I’m no longer just my child’s mom, I’m Candace.  A woman, a wife, a mom, a friend.

Tell me what your “uniform” is. Do you ever feel like because you’re a mom and running errands all day, you shouldn’t even bother dressing cute?