Practically Speaking

For Blockheads ONLY

If anything is going to bring me back to blogging over the summer…. it’s NKOTB. If you follow me at all, you know I went see to The Package Tour last weekend at Staples Center in Los Angeles and pretty much had the time of my life! I’ve been waiting for this concert for a year and it lived up to all my excitement and expectations. There’s nothing like a group of girlfriends getting together for dinner, nostalgic music, dancing and a pajama party to talk about it all in a hotel room afterwords.

Left to right: Bridgette, Andrea, Candace, Andrea, Melissa, Mandy, Rachel, Mayanthi, Dilini, Lindsay

Left to right: Bridgette, Andrea, Candace, Andrea, Melissa, Mandy, Rachel, Mayanthi, Dilini, Lindsay

Andrea Barber, the ultimate blockhead hooked us up with 10 tickets and passes to say hi to the guys after the show. Well… I might have had a little hand in getting those back-stage passes.. only because I have a big mouth and aren’t afraid to ask anyone for anything! Andrea, unlike Kimmy Gibbler, is totally on the shy side! I may have swiped her phone and texted a few people on it too!

The group: Andrea, her two friends Andrea and Lindsay, my two sisters Melissa and Bridgette, my best friend Dilini and her sister Mayanthi and my close friends Mandy and Rachel. ALL BLOCKHEADS. Well… compared to some of you, we probably don’t cut it. I asked a few simple questions about the guys and between the two Andreas and Lindsay, more information poured out than a slurpee machine at 7 Eleven. And I can only imagine how many more super fans were at the concert! I’m going on record saying NKOTB have the BEST fans! (well..I have pretty amazing fans too, thank you very much!)


My sisters Bridgette and Melissa (who looks like my dark haired/brown eyed twin!). We even unintentionally wore practically the same outfit and jewelry.

Six of us decided to stay at a nearby hotel so we didn’t have to worry about driving home and could chat the night away. And boy, did we! Mandy, Rachel and I arrived at the hotel at 3:30p and met up with Andrea and her friends at 4. We headed over to the Staples Center to pick up our tickets and say hi to Danny Wood’s daughter Chance. She’s a big Full House fan and wanted to meet me after meeting Andrea on the NKOTB cruise. Andrea and I had a few Full House gifts for her including a “My Favorite D.J. is D.J. Tanner” t-shirts.

Our group of 10 met up at The Farm for dinner and even saw more girlfriends who were on their way to the concert! At 7:30 Boys II Men hit the stage and they were fantastic!! Another one of my favorite groups from the 90’s, we sang along to every word and fell in love with the music all over again. 98 Degrees performed next and the crowd was just as into it. I must not have been as big of a fan because I only remembered one or two songs. Then…. drum roll… wait for it…. Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon and Joey took the stage and it was a scream-fest!!! And I’m talking about ME!!! I laughed at myself, knowing how ridiculous I was, but it was SO fun (and I’m always into being the biggest goofball around) that I went with it until I couldn’t scream anymore. Chance, Danny’s daughter, actually sat between Andrea and me during the show and I warned her that what she was about to experience from these 30-something-year-old-moms was going to be downright silly! At 15 years old, I know my daughter would be mortified by me, but Chance just told us that she was so used it and that she’d seen worse! LOL. Ten friends, singing our hearts outs to old and new songs, laughing, joking, memories being shared, hearts fluttering, smiles widening… it just couldn’t get better. NKOTB was awesome back in the day and I think I love them even more now. They put on a heart-racing, fan pleasing, jumping up and down kinda show for 2 straight hours.

As a side note- I feel compelled to share that there were a few times during the concert that I had to look away. Donny and Jordan had their shirts off,  all pelvises were thrusting.. and well.. it isn’t because I’m prude… it’s that I didn’t want my mind wandering into thoughts that I only think about with my husband! So, my sisters and I pretty much laughed and stared at one another until they went back to dancing. I think I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard, my hands covering my face, peaking through my fingers to see if I could look again… It was one of those- you had to be there moments- that we found hysterical.

After the show with backstage passes stuck on our jeans, we worked our way through the crowds while Andrea and I took a lot of pictures with fans. We got ourselves to the NKOTB friends and family room, also known as the “wives room” because that’s where we’d all go after the hockey games when Val played for the Kings. We patiently waited with what seemed like a hundred people for the guys to come in and hoped to have a chance to say hi. In the meantime, I had to use the restroom and on my way back into the room I saw that Jonathan was there. He spotted me, did a double take, stood up and walked right over to me giving me a huge hug! He was SO excited to see me, which made me giggle. I thought that maybe he thought I was someone else because he was so happy about seeing me, but he said, “NO! I follow you on Instagram.” I said, “I know, I follow you too!” and we started talking about the last time we saw each other which was 2 years ago at the NKOTBSB show. He introduced me to his friends and we all took pictures together. He was such a doll.


Andrea and I chatted with Danny and Chance, saying our goodbyes until next time. We ran into Joey on our way out and he was super kind to take another group picture with us, thus it being in front of the ladies room! We didn’t see Donny or Jordan- maybe next time! After our epic evening, it seemed to have gotten just a little sweeter when I checked my Instagram and saw a messages posted from Jon about our picture. He wrote another message to me on Twitter and I squealed like I was 13 again!



Mandy, Rachel, Andrea, Andrea and I stayed up in our room until 3am talking over every moment of the night. I don’t know that guys in general (like my hubby) can understand the happiness and giddiness this kind of night brings to a girl- especially a mom of teenagers. It’s like a little glimpse of the best parts of your own childhood merged with a new appreciation for your own kids and not forgetting the feelings, the emotions and the hormones they’re going through in their teen years. It kind of puts it back in perspective, giving us a renewed sense of parenting with more patience, encouragement, smiles and understanding. It’s easy to forget how hard being a teenager feels like! 😉


So- there you have it. I totally fan-girled my way through NKOTB. I can’t imagine that any of you feel this way towards me, but I’ll try to remember how I felt at this moment if you freak out a little when we meet!

Hope your summer has been as epic as mine so far! Share your thoughts with me on the comments below!