Practically Speaking

Good Things Come From Ohio

Thursday I traveled to Cleveland for my friend’s wedding. I was really excited to be a witness to Megan and Mike’s vows to one another and celebrate such a joyous occasion with them. In addition to that, it was the perfect excuse to come in a few days early and meet up with my blogger friends who live in Ohio, three of whom I’ve never met in person but have exchanged multiple emails and phone calls with for well over a year! I had a total blast in the city I consider my football team. It’s a long story…. but I will forever be a Browns fans even though I’m born and raised in L.A.. I have great memories being on the field during warms ups, getting a signed Jerry Ball glove, watching Eric Metcalf run down the entire field for a touchdown against the Steelers and getting his jersey after that game! We saw some exciting games.  OK, I digress……


My fitness blogging friend Clare from Peak313 picked me up from the airport and took me to Melt where we split a decadent cheese smothered roasted veggie sandwich and a spinach salad. For someone trying to eat clean in order to fit into my dress for the wedding comfortably, I wasn’t off to a good start. But what can I say? Good friends just call for good food, so I indulged. I just kept my portions to a “satisfied” feeling, not a stuffed one.

Since Clare and I both enjoy working out, I was excited to be in her space and train along side of her. She definitely eased up on her workouts for me, since I’m not as strong as her or in as good of shape cardio wise, but I worked hard and loved every minute. She took me to her alma mater Malone University and McKinley Monument for our workouts. Visually, she really inspires me to continue to work hard, eat clean and lift weights because I love an athletic looking shape. Spritually, she inspires me to give all of myself to the Lord, which not only includes my physical body but mentally by renewing my mind in God’s word each and every day; remembering in truth that my value comes from God alone who made me and not from other’s opinions or expectations of me.


Friday night, Clare and I met up with Courtney from Women Living Well, Ruth from The Better Mom, and Janelle from Comfy In The Kitchen at a fabulous restaurant in Canton. We had a wonderful time at dinner sharing stories and food. We took a walk around the grounds chatting it up even more and taking lots of pictures for our Instagram feeds! We headed back to Clare’s house and talked for hours about everything under the sun. Our topics ranged from make-up and skin care products, to ministry conferences, homeschooling and creation (Genesis 1). I’m blessed by these women and hope you’ll get to know them if you don’t already! They are valuable resources- whether you’re singe, married, raising children, ministering, getting healthy and fit, want to cook, or desire to learn and grow in the Christian faith.


Clare and I danced it up at Megan and Mike’s wedding. They had the most amazing cookie table- every one homemade by their moms, aunts and grandmothers! Have you ever been to a wedding with one of these? I hadn’t- and never heard of it until I was there! Is it just an Ohio thing? I wanna know! It was awesome, and I think I’m gonna have one of these for my next birthday! LOL.

Megan IMG_9865 IMG_9861


Saying our goodbyes at the airport.

I can’t wait to see all my friends again soon. Until next time!