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Juice Cleanse & Dinner for the Kids

I’m doing a little juice cleanse. I’m on day 2 which is always the hardest day if you ask me! It’s only for 3 days, and  I know tomorrow will be a breeze, it always is.

Why am I juicing and what exactly do I do? I like to do a 3 to 5 day juice cleanse every few months. It flushes out the toxins and gives me a jump start into clean eating if I’ve hopped back on the sugar bandwagon. Sugar, *otherwise known as the devil* is so hard for me to cut out once it’s in my system. It typically takes me 5 days to feel rid of it and not crave it anymore. Juicing helps me get back on track.

Many of us have trouble eating while we’re traveling. The truth is, there are usually always healthy options on the road, but most of us want convenience or feel like we’re on vacation, so we throw caution to the wind and forget about making wise choices. I’m no exception. I don’t have trouble finding healthy food because even if I’m forced to eat fast food, there’s always salad. Food, is not my challenge. Sweets are! It seems that every time I walk into my hotel room, there is a lovely gift basket from the conference director or the hotel management to welcome me that’s filled with wonderful goodies! The last two weekends included homemade banana bread, Godiva chocolates, Hershey bars, cake pops, cupcakes, hard candies and candied nuts. And you know what? I totally ate everything in those baskets!!! Ugh, self control was not my friend. I’m not opposed to having sugar or eating desserts. I believe everything in moderation is fine. The problem is when I’m not moderate. And trust me when I say, I had no self control these last two weekends! So, that’s why I’m doing a modified juice cleanse; to rid the refined sugar from my system and lose the 4 pounds I put on in the last two weeks.

I don’t actually juice myself. I don’t own a juicer so I can’t share recipes with you. Ask AndreaBarber since she does her own juicing at home! I go the more expensive but convenient route by using a juicery. I’ve tried several in my area and I keep going back to Pressed Juicery. They are my favorite because they taste really good (if you like drinking green stuff), they have creative combinations for the fruit juices, their root juices are outstanding (typically includes beets which give it a sweetness) and their almond milks are the creamiest in town. When I buy a 3 or 5 day juice cleanse, I usually choose Cleanse 2 and have it delivered to my home. Take the questionnaire to see which is best for you. And just so you know, I have no affiliation with and are not paid by Pressed Juicery. This is just my honest opinion and the products I use. And if anyone from Pressed Juicery is reading this… feel free to send me a coupon for a free cleanse! 😉

This time, I’m doing a modified cleanse, because I have a few lunch/dinner meetings this week I needed to eat at. So, I picked up my juices Monday morning and drank them for breakfast and lunch/dinner depending on the meal I ate solids. Here’s what I’m doing:


Breakfast: Greens 2 and added 1 tablespoon Chia seeds. A few cups of hot water with lemon.

Mid morning snack: Citrus 2. One GNU Foods Flavor & Fiber Cinnamon Raisin Bar.

Lunch/Dinner: Almond Milk, Aloe Vera water, hot tea or hot water with lemon.

Dinner/Lunch: Bowl of broccoli, cauliflower, green beans or other vegetables, hot tea or hot water with lemon.

Again, this is a modified cleanse with food. Typically I’ll do a cleanse as listed on Pressed Juicery’s site and follow all their instructions, which includes many more juices and no solid foods. I realize there aren’t many calories in what I listed above, so please be responsible and understand this is in NO WAY my typical daily consumption of food. I do not recommend eating this little on a regular basis. This is only for 3 days to flush out the junk and resume my normal eating habits which include lots of fresh vegetables, lean proteins like chicken, fish and turkey and fiber from fruits, seeds, nuts and beans.

I also wanted to share what I made the kids for dinner tonight! It was super easy, healthy and they loved it. And I  ate the broccoli for my dinner.

Bon appetit and happy juicing!