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Check out Karen Ehman's new book on other-centered living in a self-centered world! listenloverepeatbook.comThere is so much conflict and hatred happening in our world right now that I thought we could use a little encouragement today on how to behave differently, showing God’s love as we do. So, I’ve asked my friend Karen Ehman to guest post today.

Karen is a New York Times bestselling author who just released a new book called Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World. With all the criticism and combativeness we witness online and also in person, this book is a breath of fresh air! It gives faith–filled inspiration and practical ideas for living alert, taking notice of others, and scattering God’s kindness in an often negative world. There are ideas for showing love to family, friends, strangers, and the “necessary people” who help us get life done such as the mail carrier, barista, teachers, and more. There are even ideas for “hugging a porcupine and squeezing a skunk” loving the hard to love.

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Now, here’s Karen…..


My kitchen contains some of my favorite things.

My big red Dutch oven where a batch of cheesy potato-corn chowder simmers. A watercolor painting of a bowl of fruit, purchased at an estate sale. And my aqua hand mixer. Because, well, I like to bake, and I love the color aqua! But the object I adore most is a lettered sign my mother-in-law gave me, made from rustic barn wood and stenciled with this simple phrase: “Scatter Kindness.”

Check out New York Times best-selloing author Karen Ehman's new book about other-centered living in a self-centered world.

I hung this inspiring sign above the kitchen door that leads to the garage, so I’m sure to see it every time I exit my home. We live in a world filled with turmoil, sadness and despair. Also, online–and sometimes in person–sarcasm and snark rules. People fling their unsolicited opinions and caustic comments like verbal shrapnel contributing to the climate of combativeness.

So much judgement. So little kindness.

Also, we witness a great deal of sadness sometimes when we read the posts of others. It doesn’t take much looking around to find a soul in need of a little encouragement or a healthy dose of hope.

Judgement doesn't win others over. Kindness does. Karen Ehman in her newest book Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World.

I was once told that there are two types of people in the world: those who enter a room full of people and announce, “Here I am!” and those who walk into a room, seek out another soul and lovingly declare, “Oh … there you are!” It makes me wonder, someday — when I am long gone — will I be remembered as someone who sought to encourage others or sought only to make herself known? Which one will be said of you?

The Bible tells detailed stories of the titans of the faith: Abraham, Joseph, Esther and Mary, to name a few. But sometimes it gives us an intriguing glimpse of some lesser-known characters, sketching their stories in a simple sentence or two. One such character is the New Testament woman named Tabitha.

We meet Tabitha in Acts, where the story of the birth of the Christian church is recorded by a doctor named Luke. Tucked away in its pages we also find a portrait of a woman who demonstrated how to put others first and scatter kindness. I love her one-sentence description:

“In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always doing good and helping the poor(Acts 9:36, emphasis added).

Karen Ehman's newest book Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World.

While most personal descriptions mention relationships (such as “a wonderful wife and mother”) or career accomplishments (“a dedicated teacher”) this woman was known for continually looking for ways to scatter kindness. Concerned about the poor, she actively worked to make their lives better. In fact, her actions so radiated Christ’s love that the author of Acts recorded these words for us to read 2,000 years later in our Bibles.

If someone were going to record a one-sentence eulogy about us, what would they say? Would they observe about us — like Tabitha — that we were “always doing good” to others? Were we on the lookout for those who had a much harder row to hoe, or were we more concerned about our own safety and comfort, giving little thought to others?

While sometimes we may think our life is boring, could we see our humble and common circumstances as an opportunity for eternal purposes, just as Tabitha did? Could we seek to scatter kindness, discovering an important and fulfilling mission as we do?

Years from now, how will you be remembered? As a, “Here I am!” person or as an, “Oh … there you are!” sort of soul?

Let’s refuse to fling verbal shrapnel, making cutting comments, or judge others, adding to the culture of combativeness. Instead, let’s scatter a little kindness today.

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