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So, THAT Just Happened: Every Parent’s Fear


Put all health issues aside….

Tell me, as a parent, what do you fear most will one day happen between you and your children?

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We’ve all talked about it, some have been there, some experienced it when they were young, and some just worry it will happen to them. And today, it did for us:

One of our kids walked in on us! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

What in the world do you do?! That moment of sheer terror, not only on their face, but on yours! If you’re us, you just look at your child like a deer in headlights while they realize what they’re actually witnessing only to turn and run out as quickly as possible.

‘Yup that totally just happened,” I laughed to Val.

He didn’t quite have the same reaction as me. He had locked our door and my kids know the rules about walking into our bedroom with a closed door when we are in there together. You must alway knock. You may not open it until you hear an answer. If there’s no answer, you may not come in, even if it’s unlocked. You must be patient and wait until we come out. We established these rules when they were young and have held firm to them. But today, why in the world my child decided to unlock the door with a paperclip and come strolling on in, will forever be one of those “seriously?!” parenting moments.

“Don’t say a word!” I told Val. I did it to my parents when I was about 8 years old and trust me, I never opened a closed bedroom door again without knocking really loudly and asking if I could come in first. The visual itself is enough trauma, no need to read ’em the Riot Act for their disobedience. It’s a given!

Trust me, I don’t wish for any kid to walk in on their parents… but all I could do was laugh. I mean, what are you gonna do? It happened! You can’t take it back. And it could have been worse.


It becomes that parenting moment you’ll never forget. It will forever be a story you’ll share with your friends over “girls night out” dinner.  And yeah, I said to Val, “you know I’m gonna blog about this!” He just nodded and rolled his eyes in approval.

Are you wondering what happened after? As I walked into the living room, my child walked right up to me and said, “Mom, I’m really sorry I walked in your room. Please forgive me.”

Me: “I forgive you, thank you.”

“OK good. So, can I trade you a $5 Noah’s Bagels gift-card and you’ll buy me a $4 pack of cards on Amazon? You’ll make a dollar!”

And….. life goes on. Just like that.

Please please please, tell me your embarrassing moments!