Practically Speaking

Spring Break

I’m pushing full throttle this week getting ready for my trip to Vancouver to film a new Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel! I’m glad I was able to slow down last week, considering Val was on the east coast the whole time. I didn’t schedule anything for myself  so I could be available for all my mom duties without trying to juggle too much. It’s funny to me that being a full time mom of three is slowing down!  I did however, manage to squeeze in some pre-birthday fun on Friday night at the Magic Castle.


When I’m on my own with the kids, I basically turn into a chauffeur which is tiring, but not difficult. I think I made dinner twice and relied on leftovers, prepared dishes from Whole Foods and pizza delivery (once) and took the kids to P.F. Changs Saturday night. Anyone who reads my blogs or follows me on Twitter knows that Val does the majority of the cooking at home, so I don’t sweat it when he’s gone. I make it easy for myself so I don’t get stressed out. But Sunday, Val was back in the kitchen teaching the boys his secrets while they made Bison burgers for dinner with my sister’s family and a few friends.

boys dinner

Maks’ hockey team won their division finals this weekend and are going to state finals in a few weeks! I’m so proud of them! I’m also proud of Lev’s team who made it to State Finals last week, but lost. They’ll get ’em next year!

Maks hockey

I have lots of last minute details to finalize for projects I’ve been working on. My most urgent one is the cover shoot for my next book! Since this Hallmark movie was confirmed only two weeks ago, my publisher needed to get the cover art and book trailer done before I leave town for 3 1/2 weeks. So today, I’ve been on the phone with my managers coordinating with the stylist, photographer, make-up artist and location to put together the exact vision I came up with in October. This idea has been floating around in my head for so long and to suddenly pull it together in 2 days is CRAY CRAY! (My daughter just loves when I say that. NOT!) I’m SO excited about it and I think you’re all really going to love it. At least I hope you do! I’ll be posting videos and pics from the day so stay tuned for a sneak peek in weeks to come!

I’ve got a dentist, a dermatology and a hair color appointment this week. I’m meeting with my acting coach to break down my script and work through each scene. I’ve got a live Skype interview for my friend Drew Marshall’s new show in Canada. I’ll be running Maks to hockey practice after school and waking up early to take both boys to 6am skate practice as well as our 2 mile jogs 3 times a week with all three kids to stay in shape. I’m tired just reading all that!

And then, it’s Good Friday! I think I’m most looking forward to our weekend of church services celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. He Has Risen!!! Friday service and Easter Sunday service followed by brunch and an egg hunt with cousins and grandma and grandpa at my sister’s house. He Has Risen Indeed!!!

There’s my week at a glance. Hope you have a blessed Passover and Easter week and it’s not a crazy busy as mine!