Practically Speaking

Who REALLY Runs My FB Page?


Yup, I do. Not a personal assistant, not my publicist, not my agent or managers, not my kids, but me. Which means, I’m the one who reads your comments. Yes, I really do see them and read them even though I don’t respond to all of them. I mean, as much as I love reading most of them, I get hundreds and even thousands of responses on each post, so it’s hard to imagine people expecting me to answer every one. And people actually do! But when I can, I try, because I really do enjoy the interaction.

But lately, as my FB page has been growing rapidly with new “likes,” it’s becoming a sensitive issue for me to post  because of the dread in my heart knowing I am going to get discouraging comments, even on something as fun and beautiful as a family photo. And while it’s easy to say, “Oh Candace, just delete them and block the haters or don’t let them get to you, brush it off,” it’s too late. The comments have been made and read, the bickering back and forth defending me or opposing me has ensued, and all I see is a bunch of religious people throwing around bible verses attacking each other and a bunch of non-religous people wondering why in the world they would ever want to be a part of this group?!


  • I’m too religious.
  • I’m not Godly enough.
  • I’m too thin now.
  • I’m not very humble.
  • I’ve had too much plastic surgery.
  • My brother Kirk is a better Christian than me.
  • I’m too worldly.
  • I’m too conservative.
  • I’m not modest enough.
  • I’m a show-off.

Those are just a few of the types of comments I get no matter what I share, what photo I post or what I say. And while the majority of you reading this probably won’t agree with any of those comments, I’m hoping a few of you that do would hear me out.

I’m not trying to please everyone, I only have an audience of ONE. That’s God. And while I take the responsibility of role model seriously, I’m not perfect. I never will be. I’m a human being with faults and a sinful heart by nature. Although some people see me as a “celebrity”, I’m a woman- just like you, I’m a mom-just like you, I’m a wife-just like you, I’m a daughter-just like you, I’m a friend-just like you and I have a heart-just like you.

I know I’m not a perfect Christian- are there any though? Nope, just Jesus if I recall. I not making excuses for bad or disobedient behavior, but can we please keep in mind that people are on their own journey with Christ and are all walking at different speeds and knowledge? There is also much to be said about personal convictions and preferences versus something written in black and white. We must remember that while God convicts me of something, He may not be convicting you of that same thing at this time of your life and vice versa. It’s doesn’t mean, He might not eventually… but forcing your own convictions upon others only places a burden and pressure on that person, instead of simply sharing what God has shown you and allowing God to convict the heart, if He choses to.

My Facebook Page is for my fans. It’s a place to share with you what’s going on in my life. I use it as a forum for sharing my latest endeavors, movies, tv. shows I’m appearing on, books I’ve written, new photo shoots I’ve had, products I love and endorse. A part of my job depends on my fans, and I couldn’t do it without your support! So when I share, it’s not about bragging, it’s about making you aware of my latest work projects and hoping you’ll be a part of them.

I also share with you what is most precious in my life; my family! My Facebook Page is not a Christian blog, it’s not a Jesus FB fan page and  it’s not a place I’m going to flood with constant scriptural photos or only Christian articles. It doesn’t mean that because I don’t do those things, that Jesus isn’t the love of my life. We all have our own personality and my FB is a reflection of the true me, faulty and all! I’m sure some posts will make you smile and others might disappoint you.

I wont ever stop being the real me to be an illusion of a better but fake Christian version of myself.

So if I disappoint you, I’m sorry. Please look to Jesus and only Jesus for perfection. You certainly won’t find it in me, and I promise you won’t find it in others either. But here’s what we can do while we fix our eyes on Jesus… we can encourage one another. We can build each other up and chose our words wisely to share the truth in love, and be gracious to those we really don’t know but only through our computer screens.

Here’s another “real selfie” of me on Valentine’s Day… at 9 pm after Val and the kids went to bed. I hung out with girlfriends on my computer. LOL